Optimism for Mental Health 3.5

Optimism for Mental Health 3.5: Mood Chart App for Depression and Bipolar Optimism is a Mood Chart app for monitoring and developing strategies to improve your mental health. Discover the triggers of illness, the warning signs of a decline in health, and strategies that help you to stay well. The great strength of Optimism is that it helps you to be proactive. A continual feedback loop, in the form of charts and reports, improves your understanding of your mental health and the things that are helping or hindering you.

Optimism 2.1.0: Helps you find the triggers of your depression and plan for better mental health
Optimism 2.1.0

health. Optimism prompts you to keep a detailed record of all things that affect your health, creating a valuable record that reveals the triggers that you need to avoid, and the helpful strategies that benefit your health. Simple charts highlight the cause and effect relationships that might otherwise be missed, and there is a template for developing a Stay Well Plan, a dynamic document that you adjust as you learn more about managing your illness

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ChronoControl 3.1 Lite

Long pastime behind the screen of the monitor negatively is reflected on health of the user. Utility ChronoControl has been written to keep your health and health of your children at long work behind a computer. ChronoControl watches closely an operating mode of the user and forces the user to do periodically the small breaks necessary for health.

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Quick Health Calculator 1.30: Free, slick, validated BMI calculator for your web site
Quick Health Calculator 1.30

health calculator for your web site? Look no further! The Quick Health Calculator is a free program for your web site that measures the BMI (Body Mass Index) of a visitor as well as risk for weight-related illnesses. The Calculator is sleek, and very easy to adjust to the look and feel of your web site. The calculator is validated in both JavaScript and PHP to insure easy of use for visitors. Best of all, Quick Health Calculator is free to use on

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Arizona Health Insurance 1.0: A browser addon for Arizona Health Insurance. Use this to get information
Arizona Health Insurance 1.0

A browser addon for Arizona Health Insurance. Use this to get information on Arizona Health Insurance. Also have easy access to Twitter and the local weather. If you need Arizona Health Insurance quotes please visit my website. This software is free to use.

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Free SharePoint Health Monitor Tool 1.0: Monitors SharePoint 2010 and 2007 Server,  Monitor IIS servers
Free SharePoint Health Monitor Tool 1.0

Free SharePoint Health Monitor tool provides a exclusive monitoring of SharePoint 2010 Server and SharePoint 2007 Server. The ManageEngine "Free SharePoint Health Monitor" tool will address this requirement. The "Free SharePoint Health Monitor" tool monitors the important parameters of SharePoint environments such as SharePoint Site, SharePoint services, IIS server, MSSQL server and Host server.

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MB Zodiac Yoga 1.25: MB Free Zodiac Yoga is an unique Zodiac sun sign & Yoga Asana software.
MB Zodiac Yoga 1.25

health ailments that may affect you and also gives the yoga asanas that are good for people of a particular sun sign. This is such a tool that lets you understand and realize the importance of astrological signs over the health and well-being of mankind. This advanced yet handy program reveals to you so many unknown facets of your health and helps you to take better care of your health and diet for a better well-being. MB Free Zodiac Yoga correlates

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